Live Streaming

In this article, we will show you how to live stream on Indie Tube!

Go Live On Indie Tube!


We constantly strive for greatness on the Indie Tube platform! This is why we are excited to announce that you can now live stream right here on Indie Tube! Here's some info on how!


Step 1: Press the Green live button at the top of your browser!

Step 2: Press Go Live on the live page!


Tech Requirements

For now you can only stream live ON THE WEBSITE! You can not stream live from your phones just yet. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to stream. You must be logged in to stream also!

Please use updated cameras, and audio equipment. 


Best Practices

When streaming, it is best to open your stream in anoter browser once youv'e gone live. this will allow you to hear what you are streaming along with your followers. Users can comment while you live stream. If you feel users are cyber bullying, report those users to us! 

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