"Learn 2 Love Self" Album Writeup

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A written article having a deep dive into Pure Knowledge's newest self-reflective album, titled "Learn 2 Love Self".

Written by:Rahman 

Pure Knowledge’s 3rd studio album “Learn 2 love self” has been released

25 year old youngster Pure Knowledge is from Richmond VA. He puts a lot of effort into making his stamp on contemporary hip hop. He employs a wide range of beats, from soul to trap, to demonstrate that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Q-Tip, J Cole, Childish Gambino, and Qutkast are some of the key influencers of Pure Knowledge. His lyrics are adaptable, allowing individuals of all ages to relate to and appreciate them. Pure Knowledge has made a litany of successes over the past few years and hopes to continue to grow and rock the hip hop world.

Rapper Pure knowledge’s new album “Learn 2 love self” is out with a very well balanced tracklist. Every single song has a lyrical depth along with a great flow of music. As a result, any listener can instantly catch the groove. Also, this album is quite relatable for the audience as throughout the album each track talks about different instances of adulthood. The songs are of hip-hop genre, so as you can assume all of the songs are quite groovy.

The intro, being a recitation, catches the attention of the listener instantly. The idea of starting afresh with the lyrics “Everyday I’m nothing that I want to achieve”.  For every single person in their adult life everyday is a new grind to reach your goal. In my opinion, this intro sets the tone for the rest of the album in terms of what can be expected.

Incline is the second track of this album. This song talks about having a theme song for every superhero where the word ‘superhero’  works as a metaphor for normal people. Just as the normal people go through the daily struggle, lyrics go as “as we march through the wars”. The simple circle of waking up at the start of the and going on for another fight. All these fights and struggles also make us feel like we need someone by our side. This song also beautifully captures the idea of everybody keeping the fight on till they make it to the finish line. Thus, it summarises the idea of   “Living life on an incline”.

Avoidance is one of the most notable tracks of this album. It has a great music video which you can check out. This particular track depicts how an adult tries to deny and avoid all the emotional disturbances. Every single person in their adulthood gets the feeling of getting a bit lonely even though there are numerous people surrounding them. We get those feelings but rather than acknowledging them, we bury it deep inside us. We get suspicious of people with or without reason. The track sheds great light on the rage inside us when we feel lonely and in need of help. All of these frustrations make people coop up their feelings inside and avoid their demons. The story of fighting with one’s self is the true essence of this track.

The title track of this album “Learn 2 Love Self” talks about gradually overcoming emotional trepidations and tribulations to accept as you truly are. When chips are down we start truly blaming ourselves only, keep ourselves isolated, and unnecessarily medicate for our anxiousness to keep a reminder that we are  not any particular object. After reaching an understanding  with our inner selves, we  slowly but surely learn to love ourselves in time.

It is really hard to talk about every single track even though all of them are really meaningful and have got really balanced and catchy music along with lyrics. The whole album is about experiences of certain instances and learning from them from a lyrical point of view. This well balanced album is worth a listen to.

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