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Chaos & Culture Episode 10: Rethinking the Urban Marketing Aesthetic feat. Karim Lateef

All The Fly Kids
Published on 30 Jul 2021 / In Indie Podcasts

"Urban" as a descriptor is often used to refer to Black people, particularly in the marketing of fashion and music. On the contrary, I often explain the use of the word when speaking on my work in culture and lifestyle to mean "city living". Considering the digital interconnectivity of society, I recently began questioning if the "urban" descriptor in its current use in marketing is too limiting.

My guest this episode is Karim Lateef - award winning consumer brand strategist, authority on the convergence of marketing and culture, and founder of Craft Brand Theory. We'll talk about the push to no longer use the word "urban" as a euphemism for Black people and what more accurate, inclusive categories would look like.

Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Mind of Geronimo Knows is a show with candid conversations and objective opinions about culture, lifestyle, and spirituality.

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