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Chaos & Culture Episode 12: Black People, Class, and the Cultural Gatekeepers Within

All The Fly Kids
Published on 30 Aug 2021 / In Indie Podcasts

An article called "Who Actually Gets to Create Black Pop Culture?" was recently penned by writer Bertrand Cooper critiquing the commercial access to and gatekeeping of our pop culture expressions by the so-called "Black Elite." This is a topic I've spent much time thinking about and decided to open the stage up to three guests instead of one this time so you can hear diversity in the opinions.

BeMo Brown returns along with another friend of the show, diversified photographer Dee Dwyer. If you've been following All The Fly Kids media since before March 2020 you should be familiar with both of these dynamic individuals, each of them having been guests within our five years of operation.

Links to the article and podcast we'll be referencing are below:

Who Actually Gets to Create Black Pop Culture? - https://www.currentaffairs.org..../2021/07/who-actuall

Is it Possible for Black Creatives to Exploit the Poor? w/ Damon Young & Bertrand Cooper - https://youtu.be/qG8yj6rVaHw

Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Mind of Geronimo Knows is a show with candid conversations and objective opinions about culture, lifestyle, and spirituality.

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