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Chaos & Culture Episode 13: Cheers! Drinks at the Bar, Now and After Da 'Rona

All The Fly Kids
Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In Indie Podcasts

⁣During the almost 18 months of varying social restrictions, a number of changes occurred among hospitality staff and patrons alike. Many within the hospitality industry were laid off, with countless employees leaving the industry altogether. People who'd normally not cook or drink at home began doing so in great numbers as well. Acosta, a CPG sales and marketing firm, found in a study conducted in May 2021 called "COVID Dining Journey: Eating at Home and Away From Home" that 92% of families will continue eating together at home at least as often – if not more often – post-pandemic. This is all despite people flocking to restaurants to have a taste of pre-pandemic life once dining restrictions at restaurants were relaxed.

But what does this mean for places operating mostly as bars? Will having a drink with friends or a date require a bar with outdoor space? Have people become home mixologists over these last 18 months? Will bar and nightclub patrons opt for house parties instead? Joining me this episode to answer all these questions and more is Nicky Marcelin -- a seasoned hospitality and food professional who wears many hats including chef, curator, and hospitality consultant.

"COVID Dining Journey: Eating at Home and Away From Home" (Acosta, May 2021) - https://www.acosta.com/news/new-acost...

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