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Chaos & Culture Episode 3: Badussy Discipline feat. Robyn Ransome aka "Earthy Hood Joint&qu

All The Fly Kids
Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In Indie Podcasts

I'm calling this one "Badussy Discipline" because this applies to everyone no matter how you have sex, what your gender identity is, or where you fall on the feminine/masculine energy spectrum.

When it comes to sex, many of us strive to show we're similar to the "thrilla in Manila." The more sex we're having, in particular with more people, the more our perceived attractiveness increases. An increased risk of contracting STDs and unplanned pregnancies aside, few people consider the exchange of energy taking place when we lay down with someone - Be it the first time or the 50th. Because unless you truly know someone, you don't know what [energy] them people got or where they been.

In this episode, I'm joined by Robyn Ransome aka "Earthy Hood Joint", one of my best women friends. She's a holistic health practitioner with a focus on mental health, a straight-shooter, and Bronx native with Carolina and Cruzan blood (that's St. Croix, US Virgin Islands fyi). In other words, get ready for plenty of gems and laughter.

Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Mind of Geronimo Knows is a weekly show with candid conversations and objective opinions about culture, lifestyle, and spirituality.

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