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Chaos & Culture Episode 5: The Miss Jones Effect of Emotional Intimacy feat. Earthy Hood Joint

All The Fly Kids
Published on 14 Jul 2021 / In Indie Podcasts

⁣Have you ever been in an emotionally intimate, non-sexual relationship?
If so, would you admit to it? Because an intimate relationship without
sex is merely a friendship, right? Not so fast.

In a recent Drink Champs interview, Miss Jones (think AZ's "Sugar Hill"
and Queen of morning radio in NYC & Philly in the 2000s) revealed
she was in a years-long emotional, non-sexual relationship with Big Pun
who upon his passing left her a portion of his publishing - a portion
large enough to support Jonesy and her elder son for a while. Pun was
married at that time, which in my opinion makes the emotional connection
he had with Miss Jones minus the sex even more intriguing from the
outside looking in. Why? Because this goes against all notions of what
it means to have a side-piece.

Robyn aka "Earthy Hood Joint" is back with me again to talk about this
for a couple of reasons: 1) No one outside of that Drink Champs episode
is talking about this and 2) How many people have these types of
relationships where the love is strong without the need for sex,
side-piece or not?

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