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Chaos & Culture Episode 7: [Adult] Playtime Is Back feat. Ananda Free

All The Fly Kids
Published on 17 Jul 2021 / In Indie Podcasts

⁣No not THAT type of adult playtime, but the playtime that will reconnect
us with our inner child. Even prior to reaching age 18, humans are
expected to leave our child-like ways behind to make room for the
responsibility and rigidity of adulthood. Yet people confuse being
child-like for childish, immature, and naive. Being child-like, however,
means still being curious about the world and not always taking life so
seriously to the point of day-in, day-out redundance.

Ananda Free joins me in this episode to talk about why reconnecting to
our inner child can be freeing and therapeutic in a time when
faux-productivity is the expectation. Ananda is an author, Auric field
surgery certified, Reiki Master, and a Priestess of Osún in the African
spiritual tradition of Ifa.

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