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Published on 02 Mar 2019 / In Rock

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In 2012 I wrote this song in the wake of the violent smashing of the Occupy encampments. Already reeling from reports of collusion between the banks and law enforcement, I came across videos of the DARPA developed 'big dog.' Immediately I imagined what a fascist/feudal state might do with such a tool, and it frightened me. Do I know that we're headed towards a Zardoz-esque future in which the rich live in walled-off high-tech cities while they attempt to control the outside population with drone robot armies? No, I don't. But at the very least it works as a fitting metaphor for the monstrous greed and absolute amorality that holds power around the world- fostering societies that grind up the poor as fuel.

Anti-empire Anti-war Anti-fascist. If you're a fascist, go fuck yourself. If you think socialism is fascism you've been brainwashed- see a therapist, and then some different historians.

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