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Fell in Love with the Devil

Published on 23 Dec 2018 / In Indie Folk

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Filmed in my apartment in Grand Rapids, MI.

Song & Lyrics by Tim K.
This song was written in October 2014.

Fell in love with the devil,
she was so beautiful and nice.
But when it came to kindness
well she filled my brains with lice.

Darlin could you tell me the truth
would you tell me the truth
were you lyin to me cheatin on me
outta the booth near Albany?

Strangely worded phrases mumbled under your breath
said so calm and quiet as to never be addressed
oh Machiavelli, oh what were you doin to me?
I loved you, do you love anybody?

Fell in love with the devil
and her sacrificial wine.
And her opium plum powder
woo, yeah it was so fine.

Darlin could you show me the lens
could you give me the lens
cause nothing that you did or said makes any sense
in reflection.

Fallin outta love was like removin a spell
but the curse it still is with me and the voices of hell.

I'd still take the truth
if you had it to give
but I won't hold my breath
cause I know you'd never
stoop to earnestness.

Graceless thief of love.

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