Michael Millions talks on RVA Rap Elite

Randy Wilson
Published on 19 Jan 2020 / In Indie Music

Season 2 finale of @rvarap.elite had an amazing ending with the battle of Team Radio vs Team Petey. In this segment I expressed my opinion on feeling that Team Petey won; however, that’s just my opinion because Team Radio won, and they have a system that determined that. Team Petey consisted of @nickelusf, @bigsty804, @easalio, @illavation, and @fanranfilms. Team Radio had @radioblitz, @michaelmillions, @iam_nicolehicks, @caneisthename, and @beachboylek. It was by far one of the most exciting battles I’ve seen in a long time. I ask @michaelmillions what he thought about the battle in this segment particularly when the Big Homey @bigsty804 came out shooting at him directly. Shout out all the MC’s that was in this. It was great and shout out @rvarap.elite for putting it together. I’m going to drop the link below so you can watch it if you’ve not, but I’m curious to get our audiences responses in the comments, do you think they got it right, and what verses and artist stood out to you on this night? Can we get a re match possible soon? Maybe even get a battle from 80’s, 90’s, 00, 10, and the new era MC’s. So many great things happening with @rvarap.elite for its creating content for to discuss on this platform.
Link: https://youtu.be/X8g16Jlum5E

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