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Music Distribution For Independent Artists | Music Business Tips

Published on 30 Oct 2018 / In Indie How To

One of the most common questions we get is in regard to distribution.

What is distribution?:
Distribution is the process of distributing or placing your digital music products or assets out into digital music markets so they can be consumed by music customers ... and hopefully earn revenue for you.

What can music distribution do for an independent artist?:
Digital distribution allows you many platforms to push your growing fan base toward to consume and share your music in an effort to boost additional sources of revenue and exposure for you.

What will you need to distribute your music?:
You will need to have all of your digital components in place to provide to an aggregator or distributor of your choosing.
1. Completed commercial cover art (per specs of the distributor),
2. WAV files (or required audio files),
3. ISRC codes and bar codes (most distributors can provide these),
4. Metadata (artist name, project title, song titles, length of time for songs, songwriters, music publishers, etc).

Distribution is a long term outlook for many independent artists, it can grow as you grow. It is not the end-all, be-all answer for most careers, but it should be a part of it.

As always, do your research online to see which independent distributor will best suit your needs!

ABOUT MANSION ENTERTAINMENT: Mansion Entertainment is an independent record label that has distributed products through Sony RED and The Orchard (a division of Sony). Mansion has worked with Christian artists such Three Bridges, Triumphant Quartet, Allison Speer, The Griffith Family, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, Crosby Lane, Kenzie Walker and others, Country Artists such as T. Graham Brown, John Berry, T. G. Sheppard, Trick Pony and in the Bluegrass Market with GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis and Tonja Rose.

Mansion's music releases have been in retail stores such as Cracker Barrel, in major catalogs, online, on major radio networks and television programs, etc.

Mansion Entertainment was responsible for the creation of the TV show, Nashville Country Revival, hosted by Darrell Freeman. NCR became a production and joint venture with Big Merlin Productions and has been seen on multiple national TV networks such as Daystar, Heartland, TCT, LaSea Broadcasting, BlueHighways TV and many others.

ABOUT JOHN MATHIS: John has managed an independent record label for over 4 years and has over 20 years of experience working in the music industry. He has worn many hats during that time touching on every facet of the music business. For more information visit JohnMathisJr.com

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