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Myself First by LAB

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Published on 30 Oct 2020 / In Indie Music / Hip Hop/R&B

⁣Myself First is a music video about self image and beauty standards around the world, especially in South Korea. Simply put it's hard to be a woman in this world and no matter how much knowledge, talents or skills you have it seems to come back to how you look. It is a powerful statement on personal identity and how it can be lost trying to conform to beauty standards and constantly trying to change our appearance.

However, makeup can be powerful and transformative.

The video is shot with a blurry lens as a metaphor of losing sight of ourselves and our own identity in the pursuit of the material world. You can look wonderful on the outside, but knowing it is all hair and makeup, it can really take a toll on your own self image and you can find yourself looking beautiful, but full of insecurities and doubt because your inner essence is hidden behind lawyers of cakes and costumes. Knowing the world will not let you come how you are as you roll out of bed is disheartening. I am sure you will love this video so please watch and subscribe to my channel.

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” Joyce Brothers

I am really proud of it. I think the work speaks for itself, but it is about a blurry sense of identity in a world that values appearance above all else. Shot in Anyang Korea, not that it matters, i shot it in my apartment. Personally, I kind of think it's brilliant.

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