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The 4 Steps You Must Take Before Licensing Your Music

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Nelson Johnson
Published on 27 Aug 2020 / In Indie Music Tips

⁣You're making the music and you know that TV shows NEED the music but you are stuck at the beginning of your Sync Licensing journey and wondering how to prepare your music, what music to pitch and which PRO is right for you. This Masterclass is just for you!

It's time to prepare for your first TV Placement even if you don't have a plan right now, or you're just starting to build your audience.

This Master Class Will Help You

Properly Structure Your Music For TV

Update Metadata So Music Supervisors Can Find Your Music.
Figure Out What Type Of Music You Should Pitch
Get A "TV MIX"
Track Your Music So You Know Where It's Being Used
Learn The Importance Of Your PRO
Understand Registration Basics

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