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TyMe WArp - #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest (Prod. By DJ Hoppa)

Published on 01 Jun 2020 / In Indie Music

⁣#HoppaAndFriends2RapContest #BrokenComplex #hOurTyMeIsNow

Last Minute...As Usual...Yet, Just In Time..😅
No pun intended. However, I did have huge fun on this Shoot! If you couldnt tell..Having a Great experience with these Contests during this Quarantine Time. Past 2 months have been Crazy! However, its helped develop me as an artist and starting to direct my own visuals. It's truly been one wierd, yet hell of a year! 🙃
This is only the Beginning !!! 😁

Thank you to DJ Hoppa and Broken Complex for this Opportunity and Growing Experience!!!


Rapping with a backpack, or backpacking with a pack of rappers..

I'm the crazy cracka, can flip a switch,
Ima show ya how to flip the script..

Go from A Saltine, to A Ritz..,
depending on, if She a Salty Bitch.

Spread on some Jam,
Strawberry with my Banana..
then Jam my Banana into her Snatch,
then have her Babel,
Shower in Diamonds,
from this.. Inglorious Bastard.
I'm Brad Pitt..
Dont care if she Swallow or Spit
All that matter is..
the fact of the matter its..
Urkel, I'm Steven Tyler, with this Rap shit.
Ima Rockstar babyy..

Mash beats, lately, feel like Quailman..
Ahh we ouuu, kills tofuu..
hit em with the Super Saiyan Goku...
kamehame ha,
Fight club, with words up in the Prottools..

do what the pros do..
but we still like Tony Hawk, Underground...
still on the grind..murder beats, leavin outlines with chalk, on the same page where we write our rhymes..jot em down..hang em up, on bulletins, to solve the crime, of music to be murdered byy...
so fuxk the Billboards. top 1 Hundred, Dead or Alive... and I keep it a buck..
1 hunnit.. like I'm Joe Rogan hunting for Elk, in the Apocalypse,

while sippin a few coronas, like I'm 19 again..
get drunk,
then just regurgitate everything I just said... somebody pass me the pad and the pen..
so I dont forget
the next sentence, that comes into my mind..

ahhh fuxk I did it again,
took the bar and raised it over your head..
not my fault I'm taller than you..

even if you was 5'9.
I cant be Em.. I stand at 6' 2.. oh wait lemme take of the shoes...
running at a pace won.. the battle,
I baffled half of you..
in hip hop,
I'ma vali-dated graduate.
some what of a di*k,
so guess, that makes me (the) vale-dictorian.

most glorious, Notorious...New Yorker wit...
the swagger of the Diddy Boppin...
Pop n Lockin... Made the weak become Obsolete..
no need to worry who shot ya with... the Tech N9ne..

The Homie Jehry, Got that on Lockdown..
dont worry who Robbed ya Son..
just know we did it Ski Mask Way..
no need for a gun..
but if its wabbit season.
double barrel, I'm Elmer Fudd..
The most Looney Gooney.
since fudge.

So Tune to me, and watch..
what I do
cuz hour TyMe is now.. so stay tuned, and locked in, with one a the most hip hop-piest,
minus the brews..
I finally realized, my Sober minds my most Powerful....
Dropped the Exes... the Past Stresses..
Prepare for Time Traveling Through a Warped Mind..
allow me to re- introduce myself...
my name is TyMe WArp.
did I mention, hourtymeisnow?
(nice to meet u) how do ya do?

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