How To Get Paid From Indie Tube

This article will explain the different ways to make money on the Indie tube as well as how you get paid.

Making money on the Indie Tube is simple. 


1. Monetize your channel

2. Charge users to watch your videos

3. Charge Users to Subscribe To Your Channel


Monetizing Your Channel

To monetize your channel, all you need to do is click your avatar, click settings, click monetization and then enable monetize button on. By doing this you now have the chance to earn $.02 per Ad clicked on your videos. 

Charging Users To Watch Your Content

Charging users is simple also. When uploading your video you can choose to set a price or not. By setting a price, users can not watch your video unless they pay for it.

Charging Users To Subscribe To Your Channel

When you fill out the info about your channel, there is a box that asks how much would you like to charge for subscriptions. Input an amount and hit save! Then you are good to go! Subscriptions are monthly!

How Do I Get Paid?

Once you’ve reached $50 in your payout balance, you can request a payout (we take 50% as a commission on video sales & Subscription sales). We send payouts via PayPal. (Payout request typically take 3 to 5 days to send to your PayPal account)

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