How To Put Your Film On Amazon Prime

Here's how to get your film onto Amazon Prime!

Wait, why is there a streaming site giving away info about another streaming site? Simple, we believe in helping! Now shut up and read! Got your attention? Good! Below I will outline how to post your films to Amazon Prime Video. Don't forget to post them here as well!

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We all know that the powerhouse platform Amazon Prime Video has been a hot comodity for a while now. Well did you know that Amazon Studios no longer accepts scripts from Indie Film Makers? Yup. they've decided to let Indie Film Makers prove themselves by opening the platform up to everyone to post. 

This may sound great, but there are some things you need to know in order to do this correctly. First lets cover the basics.


Where do I go? 

Now what do I do?   Here you have two options. 1. you can use your existing Amazon account. 2. You can create a brand new one

Ok I'm in now what? This is where things get tricky. Once youre all registered, you will be met with a dashboard. Be sure to accept all the agreements and fill out all of that legal info. Unfortunately I can't babysit you there.

There are a couple different options to choose from when uploading your film. 1. Standalone-for movies, shorts etc. 2. Eposidoc- For series 

Things To Know Before You Upload

1. You absolutely positively have to close caption your work! Your film will be denied if you don't!

2. NO 4K Submissions 

3. They Do Not Market Your Video Externally 

How much do you get paid you ask? Well it starts at $0.06 per hour streamed and goes up only when you surpass a certain amount of streams. Don't worry all of that info is sent to you.

So there you have it. That's how its done! NOW.......

Posting your film to our platform is A LOT easier! Just sign up and click upload. We do have a 1gb maximum video size however (Soon to change). Other than that we have very little restrictions. We even market your film externally and drive traffic straight to your Indie tube Channel!

Our pay structure is simple: If you charge users to view your content, we take 50% and you get 50% of each sell! Find out more on Monetizing your channel and ways to get paid here.

Although it's cool to have a big brand behind your film, give us a try to! We won't let you down! 

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