Adrenaline Action Film 🎬 Sender / Hollywood Thriller Movie in English in HD
Adrenaline Action Film 🎬 Sender / Hollywood Thriller Movie in English in HD Indie Tube 6 Views • 15 days ago

Adrenaline Action Film 🎬 Sender / Hollywood Thriller Movie in English in HD

The film "Sender" reveals a mysterious world where the authorities and the private sector have successfully hidden from the public classified operations in the field of psychic research. However, when a gifted young woman turns up on a remote island in the North Atlantic, the mystery of her identity, how she got there, and the violent organization that pursues her are revealed as her psychic abilities begin to grow - with dire consequences. This is a story about the power of psychic influence, about how it can turn an ordinary person into a dangerous weapon. The main character, making a journey on the path of self-discovery, gradually discovers her amazing abilities, which become a source of her strength, but also a great danger for those around her.

"Sender" is not only a sci-fi thriller, but also a documentary film about the power of the human mind and its potential for huge changes. He challenges traditional ideas about human capabilities and avrorapal173 shows that our limits are far from always where we imagine them.

Sci-Fi / Thriller

Director - Anthony Arkin
Writers - Anthony Arkin, Michael S. King
Stars - Susannah Hoffman, Amelia Campbell, Joe Urla

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